About Us

Our Mission:
Comfortable, Stylish, Sustainable Clothing for the Whole Family

At NatureWear Organics we offer you a place where you can find natural fiber organic clothing for your entire family. The movement is on. There are a variety of companies making apparel with regard for the environment, using natural organic fibers and recycled materials; with regard for the social impact of their business decisions, manufacturing their apparel without the use of sweatshops, paying their workers decent wages and providing humane working conditions; and boasting insightful and intuitive designers with a real talent for optimizing style and comfort. At NatureWear Organics we bring these gems together in our store for your pleasure and convenience.

Our Inspiration:
The Natural Beauty of Organic Fibers

I am Audra Hensel, owner and operator of NatureWear Organics. I am also a wife and a mother of two young boys. While working part time outside the home I began to develop a passion for natural organic fibers. It was out of this passion that NatureWear Organics was born. With two young sons at home a web-based store seemed the perfect outlet for my passion. I love to search out the wonderful companies that are making quality sustainable apparel. In my early searches I found limited variety of apparel in stores specializing in other complimentary organic or natural items. I saw a need for a store dedicated to natural fiber organic apparel, a place where people could find a wide variety of the wonderful sustainable clothing choices now available. I aim to bring you a selection that will meet all of your needs. Suggestions and requests are welcomed and encouraged. 

Our Future:
Clothing Diversity to Meet Your Needs

NatureWear Organics was founded in 2005. We initially offered you two tried and true clothing lines, Blue Canoe and Maggie's Functional Organics. In 2006 we added clay dyed clothing from Earth Creations and hemp clothing and accessories from Ecolution. In 2007 we have greatly expanded those product lines, added cutting edge style in hemp and organic cotton from Of the Earth, the ultimate in sumptuous, soft, adorable infant and toddler clothing from Positively Organic and Handmade Hemp Panel Skirts .

We plan to continue bringing you more variety and choice. In the future you will see  organic wool products, more hand-made clothing, and much more. We intend to continue growing our children's and men's product lines until we are offering you a comprehensive clothing selection, and of course we will continue to bring you variety in our women's product lines. We have our eye out toward providing stylish choices for women in plus sizes as well. We are aware that your choices in today's organic clothing market are limited, and hope to help you find stylish organic clothing soon.

We hope you will continue to visit our small contribution to a greener and more peaceful planet as we continue to grow our clothing selection to meet your needs.

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